Welcome to the Wilkinson School

The Wilkinson School is an independent school offering educational programs for children in Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade. Providing a tailored education for the whole child, Wilkinson leads students through their learning with an attentive eye to each child’s individual educational, social-emotional, and creative needs. While pursuing a strong classroom curriculum, bolstered with empirical learning, students receive a broader education in their exposure to the world on Intensive Studies trips, interactions with professionals, outdoor education, cultural excursions and a well-rounded arts program.

A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

What if your child’s education was about experiences that promoted meaningful learning in an environment where students were guided to be well-rounded individuals, strong leaders and caring citizens? At the Wilkinson School, individualized educational programs are rooted in a small community providing what we call a tailored education for the whole child…more…