Welcome to the Wilkinson School

The Wilkinson School is an independent school offering educational programs for children in Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade. Providing a tailored education for the whole child, Wilkinson leads students through their learning with an attentive eye to each child’s individual educational, social-emotional, and creative needs. While pursuing a strong classroom curriculum, bolstered with empirical learning, students receive a broader education in their exposure to the world on Intensive Studies trips, interactions with professionals, outdoor education, cultural excursions and a well-rounded arts program.

A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

What if your child’s education was about experiences that promoted meaningful learning in an environment where students were guided to be well-rounded individuals, strong leaders and caring citizens? At the Wilkinson School, individualized educational programs are rooted in a small community providing what we call a tailored education for the whole child. Read More…

When I became principal of Wilkinson School, my aim was to preserve the community and beloved traditions, or “Woo Magic,” which was the cornerstone of the school, while focusing on academics so that they could truly serve each child. I can emphatically say that my staff and I have succeeded in both aims. Wilkinson School provides an educational environment unlike any you will find on the coastside. While our small setting and multi-age classrooms harken back to the one-room schoolhouse, Wilkinson is innovative in its commitment to meet each child’s unique academic and social/emotional needs. In a time when educators are pushed to “teach to the test,” our seasoned faculty has the freedom to engage their students with lessons that observe state standards while being fun and creative. Because our philosophy is a holistic one, we hold the belief that the arts are not extras but essentials, and we provide students with many opportunities to explore and express themselves through graphic art, dance, drama, and choral and instrumental music.

At Wilkinson I have a relationship with each student. This is not only my number one joy, but I believe it is the only way that I can serve each child and understand the overall student body. Everything that we do at our school is relationship-based, which is antithetical to the culture and bureaucracy found in many schools. My guarantee is that this format leads parents to have greater accessibility and connection to their child’s education. I welcome you to come by and check out our “little cottage by the sea.” Whether you are interested in our K-8, our after school program or our summer camp, it will be a pleasure to have the chance to add another family to our community.


Tim Miller