Thank you for exploring an Wilkinson School for your childs education. Finding the right school for your child is an important step in your family’s educational journey.

We understand the amount of time it takes to research your school options, so please accept our invitation to assist you throughout this process.

Every Wilkinson education is focused on the whole child, challenging each student to truly excel academically and personally. Wilkinson teachers are recognized as forward-thinking educators who meet children where they are and help them discover who they truly want to be. Wilkinson students are artists, scientists, explorers, authors, leaders, friends and collaborators. Wilkinson classrooms inspire more than skills in math and reading. They are spaces where curiosity is sparked, discovery is celebrated and the rewards of deeper learning last a lifetime.  Because our philosophy is a holistic one, we hold the belief that the arts are not extras but essentials, and we provide students with many opportunities to explore and express themselves through art, garden, drama, and music.

Our goal is to foster the Wilkinson community and beloved traditions, or “Woo Magic,” which is the cornerstone of the school, while focusing on academics so that they can truly serve each child. Wilkinson School provides an educational environment unlike any you will find on the coastside. With our small setting and multi-age classrooms, Wilkinson is innovative in its commitment to meet each child’s unique academic and social emotional needs. Our seasoned faculty has the freedom to engage their students with lessons that observe state standards while being fun and creative.

A Wilkinson education is not measured simply by a diploma but by an educational experience that prepares our graduates to thrive no matter the path they choose in life. We look forward to meeting you and introducing your family to the exciting possibilities that are realized through a Wilkinson education.

Learn about our admissions process and what to expect.