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Garden Students Grow Business Skills: Farm Stands Feature Local Homemade Goods – December 13, 2017
Last week, a busy proprietor rushed from her farm stand to the garden and returned with chard so fresh that it was still covered in dirt. She passed it off to another team member to wash, and then yet another chopped it up. Finally, the chef’s greens hit the pan with a sizzle. The smell of an onion, chard, arugula and chive stir fry simmered in the air. The process was a little bit hectic, but very satisfying when customers bought the dish and enjoyed it. This was all in a day’s work for the sixth- to eighth-grade students at Wilkinson School as they got their hands dirty in the garden and dug into business principles through…(read more)


Students get Crafty for Holidays: Camp Focuses on Handmade, Heartfelt Gifts – November 29, 2017
They only had three days, but, busy as elves, kids cobbled together more than 15 types of crafts at the first Wilkinson School Holiday Gift Making and Arts and Crafts Camp. “The kids inspired me to come up with a fun option for them to do during the holiday break,” Wilkinson School art teacher Andrea Caturegli said. The camp was born out of needs from both students and their families. While fun for kids, the camp was a welcome support for parents who had to work during their children’s Thanksgiving break…(read more)


Wilkinson School Celebrates 40 Years – November 8, 2017
In 1977 a public school teacher wanted to try educational methods that couldn’t be done within the system. She wanted to cater to each child. Why not draw on insights from her credentials in both special education and teaching gifted children, and bring students of multiple grade levels together to do just that? With that, Linda Wilkinson opened up her El Granada living room to six students in grades one through six and founded Wilkinson School…(read more)


Community Comes Together to Support Fire Victims – October 19, 2017
The proximity of the North Bay fires has spurred many locals into action. At Wilkinson School, a cluster of concerned parents put out a call for clothing and toiletries. The response was overwhelming, as the donations received were enough to fill a trailer…(read more)


Outdoor Tradition Continues at Wilkinson – August 30, 2017
On Friday, Wilkinson School students, staff and volunteers biked and scootered to Roosevelt State Beach for an annual tradition that gives them an excuse to get outside and enjoy life on the coast. “We’re a school without walls, in a lot of ways,” said Stephanie Weber, the school’s business…(read more)


Weekend Work, Fun Planned at Wilkinson School – August 23, 2017
On Saturday, Wilkinson School will host an annual workday for parents to help finish school projects. Lend a hand to help complete the new Creativity Lab, update office space and more. Meet at 9 a.m. to work. The Creativity Lab is something the school community… (read more)


Wilkinson School’s Creativity Lab Opens – August 16, 2017
The Wilkinson School community recently celebrated the opening of its Creativity Lab. With pencils and paint and tools to tinker, it offers a nook for just about every student’s interest. “I wanted to create little spaces for kids because… (read more)


Summer Camp Undergoes Revival – July 12, 2017
Students in kindergarten through eighth grade have been cultivating their Renaissance skills this summer at Camp Wilkinson as they engage in art, science and sport.  Last week, students gathered at Wilkinson School in El Granada. As whales danced in the waters across the way, the kids… (read more)


Students Ditch Classrooms for Real World – May 18, 2017
Frankie and Rosie arrived for their checkup on Tuesday. They were a bit nervous for what was to follow: discussion of diet, vaccines, nail clippings and the worst — a temperature reading.  “It’s alright. You’re OK, sweetheart,” Richard Irwin said, as he comforted…(read more)


Renaissance in El Granada – April 13, 2017
Students at the Wilkinson School were on an adventure around the world and through time last week. Intensive Studies Week is always a highlight of the school calendar.  Middle school students traveled to London and beyond… (read more)



Online Safety is Focus of Program at School – March 14, 2017
The internet can be a powerful resource, however, for guardians, keeping children safe online can be a challenge. The Wilkinson School will be offering a free presentation for parents of teens and tweens on online safety. It features speakers… (read more)


A Rare Opportunity – February 15, 2017
Students from Wilkinson School performed the national anthem at the opening of the Stanford women’s basketball game against Utah on Sunday. The 21 children, all wearing their Wilkinson sweatshirts, sang their hearts out and drew enthusiastic applause from the large crowd. That crowd included… (read more)


Wilkinson School Students Head to Yellowstone – September 27. 2016
Next week is a big one for Wilkinson School fifth- through eighth-graders. They will be traveling to Yellowstone for an intensive studies science excursion. The school has traditionally taken students on a spring intensive studies trip that focuses… (read more)


Wilkinson parents form community support group – September 14, 2016
The community bonds at the Wilkinson School in El Granada are growing stronger this year thanks to a group launched by members of the parent-teacher organization to support families experiencing major life events like surgery, birth, accidents or death.  The school’s community support group, helmed by Wilkinson parents Amy Warren, Stephanie Weber and Roberta Harting, offers… (read more)


Students Sojourn to American-Southwest – May 4, 2016
Wilkinson School students took a journey to the 19th century American Southwest late last month as part of their Intensive Studies curriculum. Every spring the school dedicates a couple weeks to bringing history to life through a field trip and related activities… (read more)


Nature Inspires Art at Wilkinson – May 3, 2016
Young artists at Wilkinson School have taken a uniquely scientific approach to creating art. The artworks created by students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade combine fine art elements with an appreciation for natural science… (read more)


Private School Becomes Nonprofit – May 3, 2016
El Granada’s Wilkinson School has become a nonprofit, a move that school officials believe will bring benefits moving forward. Nearly 40 years after Linda Wilkinson started the school from her living room, the K-8 independent school is celebrating its newfound status as a major milestone… (read more)


Wilkinson Parents Share Their Heritage – February 10, 2016
“I need a beat from you guys. Help me out, OK?” With that, the students of Julie Hockridge’s class began clapping on their desks and thumping their heels on the floor, in time, as their teacher played a brief folk song on the violin. With the aid of her instrument, a bunch of leeks and a rugby jersey… (read more)

Wilkinson Raises Money Awareness for Homeless – December 23, 2015

A Coastside parent’s idea for community outreach with her family quickly turned into a school-wide effort to combat homelessness.  Diana Jakubiak and her family have lived on the coast for 13 years, and her son is a first-grader at Wilkinson School in El Granada. Months ago she came up with the idea to make kits of essential items for homeless individuals… (read more)


A Trip to Remember – May 7, 2015
One day they were spies, trading notes written in invisible ink. The next they were battling as the Union and the Confederacy, albeit armed with marshmallows rather than muskets.  Over a nearly two-week period, Wilkinson School students took a deep dive… (read more)


Inner and Outer Beauty Fill Pasta Moon – March 12, 2015
Diners at Pasta Moon at 315 Main St. in Half Moon Bay will get a helping of fine art through the month of March.  “Inner and Outer Beauty” is an exhibit of artworks created by Wilkinson School first- through fourth-graders. The art consists of watercolor and ink designs… (read more)


Wilkinson Launches New STEM Curriculum – February 12, 2015
A propane delivery truck has overturned at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, and two hazardous materials teams equipped with robots are trained to respond. They are the Los Angeles County Fire Department, training in Daly City that day, and the San Mateo County Fire Department. While the Los Angeles crew… (read more)


The Color of Nature – June 4, 2015
Tendrils of low fog hovered on Thursday over trees and tall grass in the field at Mirada and Ventura roads in El Granada.  Through those tall grasses scattered a flock of third- and fourth-graders from nearby Wilkinson School. Carrying blankets, colored pencils and boxes… (read more)


Science Comes to Life at Wilkinson – October 30, 2014
The children sat in single-file lines across from each other. Between them was a path wide enough for a makeshift car to travel but far enough away to avoid the inevitable splatter of egg yolk. And, boy, were they excited for that egg yolk. “It’s gonna bust open!” the 4-year-olds squealed.  Sure enough, when the… (read more)


School Lunchboxes Lend a Look at Kids Interests – August 27th, 2014
Families are expected to spend an average of $669 on back-to-school shopping this year and a new lunchbox is often included on the shopping list among younger students.  While some still go for the simple brown paper bag as the vessel for their home-packed meal, many of the Wilkinson School kids lunching outside… (read more)