Our Community

Our Community

School-Family Partnership

As your child heads off to elementary & middle school, you begin a process of letting go. It’s a big step, for them and for you. We understand the power of partnering with families during these years and want the educational journey to be meaningful for you, too.

Our community is a key strength

Some call it the “magic” of Wilkinson. We call it community, and we cherish it. Parents, guardians, grandparents, siblings, alumni, and more are all a part of our extended family.  We share the joyful feeling of being a part of a school that values its individuals, nurtures inclusivity, and celebrates childhood.

We’re here for you

Our doors are always open, and we care about what you have to say. Our teachers, administrative staff, board members, and PTO leaders are accessible and responsive. We value transparency and know its importance to our students and families.


“What did you do at school today?” is one of the hardest questions for your child to answer. We get it. So we send frequent and informative communications to fill in the blanks and bring school life and the student experience to you.

The nuts and bolts

Field trip planning, Pizza Friday, after school activities, special assemblies, a community service opportunity. Sometimes, it’s all about the details, and we’ve got them covered. Through a comprehensive online calendar, Woo Weekly Update newsletter, room parent communications, and weblink, our parent portal, we keep families informed.

Engaged students, engaged parents

There’s no better way to teach your child the importance of school than by being involved. Your engagement tells your child, “Your school matters to me because you matter to me.” Just as we expect our students to be active in class and campus life, we want our parents to participate and engage. We offer many opportunities to do so throughout the year through our PTO, school events and class activities.