Student Learner Outcomes

Wilkinson School’s Student Learner Outcomes

Wilkinson’s “STARS” are the objectives our students strive to meet by the time they graduate from Wilkinson School.  Through ongoing opportunities for learning and self reflection, students work toward attaining and mastering these necessary skills.  Our student learner outcomes are designed to create successful, collaborative and responsible citizens who are lifelong learners that contribute to our community and our world.

Successful, Resilient Individualspic 3

-Thinking critically, creatively, and carefully

-Taking risks academically and intellectually

-Setting goals, Problem Solving

-Learning through a resilient and reflective process

Team-minded, Skilled Contributors

-Evaluating from a variety of perspectives

-Growing knowledge of one’s own strengths and weaknessesJWM_4568

-Participating cooperatively and with flexibility

-Connecting and collaborating passionately with others

Adept and Active Citizens

-Understanding value of one’s own abilities, time, and effort

-Participating with ongoing dedication

-Advocating for others, community, world

-Exercising compassion for challenges and diversitypic 24

Reflective and Responsive Artists

-Valuing artistic inquiry and the creative process

-Appreciating different forms of art

-Practicing on-going self expression

-Attending cultural and societal artistic events

Savvy and Seasoned Innovator

-Utilizing technology for success in the
JWM_5945 modern world

-Keeping abreast of the ongoing advancements

-Applying science and knowledge in every day endeavors

-Seeking ongoing self-improvement and advancement of skills