Student Learner Outcomes

WILKINSON SCHOOL Student Learner Outcomes


Successful, Resilient Individualspic 3

-Thinking critically, creatively, and carefully

-Taking risks academically and intellectually

-Setting goals, Problem Solving

-Learning through a resilient and reflective process

Team-minded, Skilled Contributors

-Evaluating from a variety of perspectives

-Growing knowledge of one’s own strengths and weaknessesJWM_4568

-Participating cooperatively and with flexibility

-Connecting and collaborating passionately with others

Adept and Active Citizens

-Understanding value of one’s own abilities, time, and effort

-Participating with ongoing dedication

-Advocating for others, community, world

-Exercising compassion for challenges and diversitypic 24

Reflective and Responsive Artists

-Valuing artistic inquiry and the creative process

-Appreciating different forms of art

-Practicing on-going self expression

-Attending cultural and societal artistic events

Savvy and Seasoned Innovator

-Utilizing technology for success in the
JWM_5945 modern world

-Keeping abreast of the ongoing advancements

-Applying science and knowledge in every day endeavors

-Seeking ongoing self-improvement and advancement of skills