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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We see this truth in action every day at Wilkinson School. How each child’s voice and talents combine to produce the magic of the Winter Concert and Spring Musical. How the collective experiences on an Intensive Studies trip open our students’ minds to a wider world. How the nurture and care of Wilkinson teachers and staff, day in, day out, create a warm, supportive environment for students to take risks and grow. The contributions of every child, staff member, and parent combine to create a Community that is bigger than themselves and provide the strong moral and academic foundation needed for students to enter the world as competent, compassionate citizens.

In the same way, your contribution to our program is more than an isolated dollar amount. Your single contribution has the power to impact the educational experience of all Wilkinson students as well as the remarkable work of our teachers and staff. It signifies that you believe in Wilkinson School’s mission to create a happy place of learning where each individual child is cared for, nurtured, challenged, and truly known.

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Why are we asking for a donation when parents already pay tuition?

The truth is that tuition alone simply does not cover the costs for the exceptional educational experience that Wilkinson offers and that our kids deserve. Similar private schools in the Bay Area have tuition rates much higher than our school; some are more than double. Wilkinson has always strived to embody a diverse group of families in our community by keeping tuition low and offering generous financial aid. As a result, however, tuition alone does not fully cover the cost of a Wilkinson education and limits the introduction of desired enhancements including new technology, extra math and science resources, facility improvements, and staff professional development.

Your tax-deductible donation supports our school.

By contributing to the school, supporters can make a fully tax-deductible donation at the level they feel comfortable, whether that is $5 or $50,000. Many supporters can also take advantage of Matching Gift Programs offered by employers.

Your contribution to Wilkinson School will be put to work right away to support the school – from classroom supplies to fine arts materials to building improvements – and will ensure that Wilkinson School can continue to attract and retain the highest quality teachers and staff by providing competitive salaries and compensation.

Believe in the whole.

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