Accredited by Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC)


Every day we inspire curious, confident and joyful learners to be themselves and do their best.

The academic program at Wilkinson School is comprehensive, innovative and dynamic.

It relies upon rich learning environments where children are encouraged to explore their surroundings, think critically and articulate their opinions. Flexibility within a sequential curriculum allows us to meet the needs of the individual as well as the group. 

Teachers focus on depth of study and value the process of learning. Small groups enable students to establish close connections with teachers and each other, while time for self-reflection helps students develop a sense of self and an awareness of who they are as learners. Students learn to be responsible for themselves and to their community in an atmosphere where they consistently engage in meaningful learning and social activism.


Small Class Sizes

At Wilkinson School, everyone knows one another and finds his or her place in the school community. The small village feel engenders caring, trusting, and nurturing relationships and a remarkably cohesive whole. Our small class size allows teachers to intimately know each and every student in their class. 

Core Values

Empathy, collaboration, ingenuity, perseverance, responsibility, fairness – these are just a few of the core values that are an essential part of our curriculum. Town hall-like school meetings, assemblies, workshops, classroom projects, and daily teacher-student relationships are part of Wilkinson School’s culture that develops and supports social-emotional learning.

A Place Where Everyone Belongs

We believe that a child should not be reduced to a test score. Wilkinson School thrives with students in gifted programs, students who make great leaps every year, and students who get extra attention for academic, social, or behavioral issues.

Because our school is equipped to serve students as individuals and the ratio of different types of learners is balanced, every child and family has a place in our school community. We believe that this is the true definition of a community school!


Commitment to Excellence, Evolution, and Educational Opportunity

Each year, Wilkinson School offers new dynamic classes to expose the students to different fields of study. Garden science, ecology, world studies, music, art history and specialized fine arts are some of the classes that have been offered in the last few years. Every year the school invites parents, professionals, and performers to host assemblies or classroom lectures.

Lessons balance active experiential learning, intellectual inquiry and adolescent development. Projects such as role plays, science experiments, math trails, young author’s night, field trips and more bring the curriculum to life. With an openness to tapping into available resources, the school has found some of the greatest opportunities close at hand or connected to a rich and empowered community.


We Welcome Your Curiosity

Every day we inspire curious, confident, and joyful learners to be themselves and do their best.