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Physical Education

Keeping students bodies and minds moving

Physical education encompasses the whole child: through games, movement, sports and knowledge of the body a child has opportunities to learn not only about their physical body and its abilities, but also social, emotional and psychological lessons.

Our PE curriculum our focus will be on students acquiring knowledge and skills as well as developing positive attitudes that will help them make responsible choices about their health and the health of others.

At Wilkinson, students get to run on the coastal trail, play soccer, take a yoga class, frisbee at the beach, hike to different open spaces nearby, as well as learn about and play various cooperative and competitive games.



Our Physical Education classes offers opportunities for all students to experience physical activity through a variety of sports designed to meet their needs.

Wilkinson strives for academic excellence and as such we offer a wide range of support to our students, facilitating a winning attitude on and off the field. We are proud of the high level of integrity and sportsmanship of our students.

We believe in providing all of our students with the opportunity to play a sport or get involved in other activities, no matter their age or physical ability. Most of our students continue sports activities outside of school.

We Welcome Your Curiosity

Every day we inspire curious, confident, and joyful learners to be themselves and do their best.