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Encouraging a sense of wonder and experimentation

Beginning in Jr. K, students begin to formulate questions about the science that surrounds them.

Whether it is about the birds that sing outside our windows or the waves that crash on our beach, students are encouraged to wonder and search for answers. Our curriculum is inquiry based and experiential so that science becomes more a way of thinking than a list of facts to be memorized.

Through 5th grade, students work together to formulate and test hypotheses in a wide variety of topics across disciplines within science, technology and engineering. They participate in the lab to explore, examine and experiment while practicing the scientific and engineering processes.



Students work through a cycle of Life, Earth and Physical Sciences during middle school.

The students focus on one subdivision each year delving into a broader body of knowledge and problem solving around real world challenges such as climate change, conservation and protection of natural resources. In the lab, students can test their ideas while continuing to ask questions that lead to new thinking and further experimentation. By graduation, students are prepared for high school with necessary scientific knowledge and skills.


We Welcome Your Curiosity

Every day we inspire curious, confident, and joyful learners to be themselves and do their best.