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Visual Arts

Reflecting the world around us through art

The goal of the visual arts curriculum is to teach students to see, reflect, and respond to the world with fresh eyes. Wilkinson School presents a vibrant arts curriculum which encourages the development of each student’s personal voice and presents challenges which cultivate original thought and creative problem solving.

Our art curriculum aims to develop the technical skills for a range of disciplines, materials and experience while providing both depth and breadth of artistic study at age appropriate stages of learning.  Some art mediums often used are: clay, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage, sewing/weaving,  and tinkering.



At Wilkinson School, the Creativity Lab is a designated safe place where students engage in collaborative and self-directed study, learn critical thinking skills, and where students gain artistic confidence and an appreciation and understanding of art history.

Each lesson is crafted around a specific artist, their medium and creative expression. Some artist of focus often studied are: Alexander Calder, Frida Kahlo, Michaelangelo, Claude Monet, Alma Woodsey Thomas, and Ruth Asawa along with art periods such as Prehistoric, Egyptian, and Renaissance art. Wilkinson School Visual Arts program connects our students to history, to diverse cultures, and to their own imaginations.
The entire school community benefits from the remarkable talents of our students and their teachers through student-produced fine arts events, exhibits and a yearly all school field trips to various art museums/studios.


We Welcome Your Curiosity

Every day we inspire curious, confident, and joyful learners to be themselves and do their best.